Craving authentic Nyonya food? Gaze no further than PJ SS2

As a rule of thumb, whether a restaurant has been in one location for ages and has done very small in terms of sprucing up the place, chances are the food is pretty decent.

In that sense, Tanjung Bunga Penang Nyonya Cuisine in Petaling Jaya’s SS2 area is one such place.

While the interior is noleang to shout about, the restaurant is clean and with an air conditioning system that sort of works.

Curry Fish Head, Asam Prawns, Perut Ikan.

Tanjung Bungah restaurant offers pretty much all the fundamental Penang Nyonya dishes people have come to know and love.

Serving time, even for a group of five, was actually pretty fast, with the first dish arriving some 10 minutes after ordering.

The Curry Fish Head with Garupa was wealthy, spicy, and cooked in true Nyonya style. It came with plenty of vegetables and a sprinkling of mint leaves as well.

The Fried Asam Prawns retained the sweetness of the Tiger Prawns while the right amount of dark soya sauce and asam infused the gravy just right making it truly mouthwatering.

The Perut Ikan, or Pickled Swim Bladder Curry, could have been slightly wealthyer and creamier, but was a satisfactory dish nonetheless.

Inchi Cabin And Paku Pakis.

Then there was the Paku Pakis, known in English as wild fern shoots, a vegetable dish to fill anyone’s vitamin C quota.

This vegetable has a unique texture, and the preparation here was more “lemak” than spicy, which suited everyone at the table just fine as there was alalert a curry dish.

The favourite however turned out to be the Inchi Cabin, or Nyonya fried chicken.

The unique blend of spices and sauces used to marinate this version of fried chicken was spot on, leaving everyone wishing there was more.

A moment visit is now definitely a must.Tanjung Bungah Nyonya Cuisine

117, Jalan SS 2/6, Ss 2, 

47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.116029, 101.616522

Tel: 03-7877 4531

Operating Hours: Lunch and dinner; closed on Thursdays.

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