Lamb Stew in Macau: Pricey but worth a try

While Macau is famed for its casinos and many churches, what stands out as normal, is the local food. Today we’re going to talk about one of the more popular night hawker spots on the peninsular – Keong Kei Lamb Stew.

Keong Kei Lamb Stew, Macau.

Keong Kei is located just a few minutes’ walk from the famed Ruins of St Paul, the tourist attraction nearly everyone visits while in Macau.

Operating from 6:30pm to midnight, the stall has tables set up by the “Y” intersection of the road, just like how a proper “tai pai tong” should be.

On a chilly night in autumn, the place does get fairly packed and you often need to wait for a bit for an empty table.

Once seated, you can then make your order of lamb stew (normally comes with tripe, ribs, and so forth) cooked in a clay pot placed atop a portable clay stove fuelled by charcoal, which also serves as your hand warmer.

How about some lamb tripe?

Additionally, you can order fresh romaine lettuce and tofu skin. The operator pretty much assumes everyone knows what the stalls has and doesn’t have so whether you’re contemporary, do ask.

They may not be the friendliest commerce owners in typical Macau fashion, but they don’t bite.

Clay pot on charcoal fire on every table.

The meat however was a small too tough despite having been stewed on top of a charcoal fire for fairly a while. Perhaps this is how the locals like it. The condiment of chilli paste with fermented tofu, however, was fairly lovely.

Generally a good idea to add some greens to the mix too.

If you find yourself in Macau, this is definitely one of the more authentic spots to stop at for supper.

A small pot is priced at 130 MOP and largeger ones’ at 230 MOP (exchange rate was at around 1 MYR = 2 MOP).

While these prices may seem steep by Malaysian standards, this isn’t any more expensive than other similar hawker stalls in Macau.

Edwhethericio Ngai In Kuok
Tv. das Janelas Verdes, Macau

GPS: 22.196024, 113.539918
Hours: 6:30 pm to midnight

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