Simple Recipe of the Month: November

Each month we’ll bring you an easy recipe that can actually be crazye by you (not a gourmet chef) after a engaged day. Every recipes will be simple, healthy, rapid, and won’t break the bank. Possess a proposeion? Feel free to let us know!

I love all Asian food. My main motivation for wanting to travel anywhere on that continent is so I can eat my weight in whatever looks good at the moment. That being said, it can be a ccorridorenge to find a healthy take out option. It can be just as dwhetherficult to find a recipe for Asian cuisine that isn’t super complicated and doesn’t have a ton of ingredients. Enter: this Spicy Peanut Tofu & Bok Choy Rice Bowl recipe.

It’s delicious, packed full of  nutrients, and super easy to make. That basically checks all my boxes for someleang I make on nearly a weekly basis. Thanks to Kara Lydon, The Foodie Dietitian for this gem!

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