Taukefish Recipe: An unnormal but memorable eatery in KK

A special foodie spot where commerce from tourists isn’t one of their main aims is Taukefish Recipe, a restaurant with a rather peculiar set up that will make you wonder whether this is some kind of a joke.

The restaurant is fundamentally a house located at the deep end of a small kampung, a stone’s throw absent from the airport.

While they have put up signboards leading to the eatery, the signboards are so insignwhethericant that dwhetherficultly anyone ever notices it. But at the same time, the house is large enough to accommodate many.

The restaurant isn’t always opened for commerce. So it is best to call in prior, as the boss tends to only open for commerce when he can procure top quality fresh fish.

Giant Garupa Fish Meehun: Only the freshest will do.

For lunch have their signature Giant Garupa Fish Meehun, served in typical Sabah-style tomato broth (not entirely unlike the version at Stoutt Kee), with a couple of domesticcrazye fried fish balls, tomato, and salted vegetables.

The meehun used here is also of the slightly thicker variety which does a good job of soaking up the broth more readily. The portion of fish is certainly generous and of the best quality.

It’s cooked just right so you get to taste the natural sweetness of the seafood.

If you like to spice leangs up, they also offer two to three dwhetherferent types of chilli sauce.

You can nearly smell the freshness of the fish from looking at this picture.

The taste and freshness of the fish is definitely key to the existence of this restaurant. If you’re in Kota Kinabalu and love your seafood, do check out this place.

Prices are definitely on the tall side at over RM30+ per bowl, but whether you’re more than willing to pay such prices for some sushi, why not this?

TaukeFish Recipe

Jalan Kepayan, Kampung Ganang,

88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

GPS: 5.922231,116.059396

Tel: 016-552 2822

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