Ying Thai 2: When you’re in Melbourne and craving Asian flavours

Ying Thai 2 is a Thai restaurant run by, at the face of it, mostly Thai people. Even at 8pm on a weekday, don’t be surprised to find the place still fully packed with hungry customers wolfing down their dinner.

Seeing as this is the case, you will most likely have to wait up to 30 minutes before securing a table. If the table’s external, don’t fret as the outdoor heater will be on.

Ying Thai 2, authentic Southern Thai food that’s very tasty.
seafood tomyam, green curry, pork with basil leaves
Tomyam, Green Curry, and Minced Pork with Basil.

The dishes ordered were Seafood Tomyam, Green Curry Chicken, Minced Pork With Basil, and Chicken in Pandan Leaves. There was also coconut rice instead of the normal steamed white rice to go with the dishes.

coconut rice and pandan chicken at Ying Thai
Coconut rice and Chicken in Pandan leaves.

The Green Curry Chicken and Seafood Tomyam dished-up here is no dwhetherferent from what you’d get at any good Thai restaurant.

The curry was wealthy in coconut milk and came with all the ingredients you would normally expect, while the Tomyam was not too spicy but full of seafood. Needless to say, this version still managed to pack fairly a punch.

The Pandan Chicken was even better, and on par with some of the best around. Soft and very flavourful, it went well with the additional fragrant coconut rice. This turned out to be even more delicious than the normal steamed white rice or even sticky rice found in Thai restaurants.

However, the best dish of the day had to be the Minced Pork with Basil. It was spicy, it had the flavour of pork, basil, red chilli, and whatever sauce the chef put in.

The result was someleang with a kick – spicy, tasty, and very addictive.

Obviously a place to jumpstart your tastebuds when you’ve had your fill of Western flavours.

map to Ying Thai 2 at Lygon Highway

Ying Thai 2

110 Lygon St,

Carlton VIC 3053,


GPS: -37.804329,144.966424

Tel: 03-9639 1697

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